Europa Universalis III[Hotfile][Megaupload]

Europa Universalis III[Hotfile][Megaupload]


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At the request of fans, Paradoxes decided to release the third addition to the "Europe III» - «heir to the Throne» (Heir to the Throne), not extend greatly

the original game in terms of quantity, but improving in quality. One important feature is the meaningfulness of wars (each stage will have clear goals).

Supplement will present another series of gameplay improvements: a more flexible system of Casus Belli, allowing precise objectives for each war

Year: 2009
Genre: Grand Historic Strategy (3D real-time)
Developer: Paradox Interactive
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Platform: PC
Publication Type: license
Language: English / Russian (text Russifier)
Tabletka: not required

Game features:
Exciting system reasons for war, in which the war from the beginning to the end of pursuing specific objectives.
All the monarchs now belong to the dynasties that will have far-reaching consequences for diplomacy.
Holy Roman Empire and the Papacy will now be more powerful and more attractive.
In the republics will have its own specific diplomatic possibilities.
Setting a national focus in the provinces to increase economic growth and strengthen the country's authorities in the region.
Standing Terra Incognita will be replaced by the impenetrable regions.
Cultural traditions, allowing to get the best advisers, like a military tradition for the generals.
Spheres of influence that simulate the "Great Game" between the major powers.
A dynamic system of pirates. Mail privateers to make the maritime zones of enemy states in the boiling waters of the battles.
Monarchs must now maintain its own legitimacy in the eyes of his subjects.
Many other changes and improvements.

System requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista
1.9GHz Intel Pentium 4 or similar AMD
DirectX9.0c compatible videocard with at least 128MB and support for Vertex-and Pixelshader 2.0

Installation instructions:
1. Run EU3.Heir to the Throne.exe i specify the folder where the game will be unpacked (the location the game is created)
2. Create Shortcut games (EU3.EXE or eu3game.exe)
3. Play







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