Battlefield 2: Forgotten Hope (2010)[Mediafire]

Battlefield 2: Forgotten Hope (2010)[Mediafire]








Battlefield 2: Forgotten Hope v2.25 (2010/ENG) | PC | 3.43 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Language: English
Year: 2010
Developer: The Forgotten Hope 2 Team
Publisher: The Forgotten Hope 2 Team
Type of publication: License / Maud
Platform: PC
File size: 3.43 GB

After the release of Battlefield 2 from Electronic Arts to develop the potential of greatly increased. Completely new engine and physics of the game closer battlefield to life like never before. The new system calculates the penetration ability of weapons materials penetrate obstacles, and players to survive, have to understand the difference between stealth and cover. Amazing, vysokodetalizovannaya situation from urban streets to remote forests, brings (with the help of the wonderful graphics) more features than mentioned. And we're going to move all this into the Second World War

Fashion Features

Forgotten Hope 2.25 also provides various game modes for different situations - in addition to the standard Head-on and Assault, What was known maps of Battlefield 2, you will need to protect or destroy strategic resources and equipment in the game Objective-mode.

System requirements:

-OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
-CPU: 2.0 GHz
-VIDEO: 256 MB
-RAM: 2 GB
-SOUND: Sound card
-HDD: 3.03 GB
Game Version: 2.25.

Installation: 1. Set the "Forgotten Hope 2.2 (1of2). Exe".
2. Set the "Forgotten Hope 2.2 (2of2). Exe".
3. Updating patch "Forgotten Hope 2.25 Patch.exe".